our main points of emphasis are recording and mixing.
we aim to get the best out of the digital and analog worlds.
we use, for instance,  pro-tools hd hard- and software with the most interesting plug-ins,
but at the same time exquisite analog outboard equipment.
but it is important for us not just to offer the best technical production possibilities,
but also to provide a creative environment.

'i have had the privelige and joy to work with jörg surrey of surrealis sounds on various projects in the past few years.
as musician and producer I am constantly impressed with jörg's technical
knowledge and skill - i think there is no-one
in the industry who has a better grasp of
the subtleties of reverb in a mix,
or the microphoning of acoustic instruments.
jörg is a perfectionist at all stages of the procedure,
and - very importantly - jörg is a very musical person
who does not "just" do the technical side,
but is thinking,analysing and also offering
musical suggestions - even after 12 hours in the studio!!
ian melrose

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